S. Hamid Amiri

Assistant Professor

Research Interests:

1Machine Vision and Image Processing
2Video Processing
3Camera Calibration and Tracking
 4Pattern Recognition and Data Mining
 5Graph-based Learning

Educational Background

Ph.D. In Computer EngineeringSharif University  of Technology2015
M.Sc. In Computer EngineeringSharif University  of Technology2009

Professional Background


Membership of Scientific Societies


Referee for Journals

IET Image ProcessingIEEE
Journal of Visual Communication and Image RepresentationElsevier



Journal Papers

TitleAuthorsjournalpublish year
1Efficient multi-modal fusion on supergraph for scalable image annotationS. Hamid Amiri, Mansour JamzadPattern Recognition2015
2 Automatic image annotation using semi-supervised generative modelingS. Hamid Amiri, Mansour JamzadPattern Recognition2015
3 Robust watermarking against print and scan attack through efficient modeling algorithmS. Hamid Amiri, Mansour JamzadSignal Processing: Image Communication2014
4Efficient Genetic Based Topological Mapping Using Analytical Models for On-chip NetworksMohammad Arjomand, S. Hamid Amiri, Hamid Sarbazi-AzadJournal of Computer and System Sciences2013
5Application of Cellular Learning Automata in Image ProcessingA.A. Abin, S. Hamid Amiri, Hamid BeigyThe CSI Journal on Computer Science and Engineering (JCSE) 2011 (in Farsi)


Conference Papers

1November 2008International Workshop on Digital Watermarking (IWDW)Busan, KoreaAn Algorithm for Modeling Print and Scan Operations Used for WatermarkingS. Hamid Amiri, Mansour Jamzad
2March 2009International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (AReS)Fukuoka, JapanA Robust Image Watermarking Method in Wavelet Domain Using Genetic AlgorithmS. Hamid Amiri, Mansour Jamzad
3November 2008IEEE symposium on System-on-Chip (SoC)Tampere, FinlandMulti-objective Genetic Optimized Multi-Processor System-on-Chip DesignM. Arjomand, H. Sarbazi-Azad, S. Hamid Amiri
4March 200914th National Conference of Computer Society of Iran
 Tehran, IranColor Image Segmentation Using Cellular Learning Automata (in Farsi)
S. Hamid Amiri, A.A. Abin, Hamid Beigy
5November 2008 Iranian Conference on Machine Vision And Image Processing (MVIP) Tabriz, Iran  Error Reduction in Rapid Face Detection in Images (in Farsi) S. Hamid Amiri, Mansour Jamzad
6September 2011IEEE International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA)Dubrovnik, CroatiaCDSEG: Community Detection for Extracting Dominant Segments in Color ImagesS. Hamid Amiri, A.A. Abin, Mansour Jamzad
7September 2011IEEE International Symposium on Image and Signal Processing and Analysis (ISPA)Dubrovnik, CroatiaLarge Scale Image Annotation using Prototype-based ModelsS. Hamid Amiri, Mansour Jamzad

Research Projects

TitleProject LeaderYearComments

Courses Taught

1Stochastic ProcessesComputer Engineering (M.Sc.)(2016-Now)
2Numerical OptimizationComputer Engineering (M.Sc.)(2017-Now)
3Signals and SystemsComputer Engineering (B.S.)(2017-Now)
4Introduction to Computer ProgrammingComputer Engineering (B.S.)(2016-Now)